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May 13, 2008



Exhibitions are great way to market your product.Know your niche, know your audience, know the ways to attract them and that's really it.


I would certainly agree that online marketing is one the fastest growing and best way to make money but not the easy way to make money. It is as difficult as any offline marketing and setting up an online business is as difficult as any offline business.


I would think that it starts by knowing your market. After years in business, I think this is the one of the most important factors for any new venture be it business or exhibition: "Try testing the waters through your website, written survey materials, or an exhibition prospectus."

This is the right way because when it's a first exhibition, you have absolutely no idea what's the demand. Most people made the mistakes of thinking how great their ideas or products are but they failed to know what the market wants.

When you test, you can gauge the demand level, and even build a small income first before going on to the next level of exhibition.

Karim Pearson

I think all the additional points all stem from the first point of knowing your audience. People have so many more options in how the spend their time today (not just in terms of other exhibits, but with the web, advances in home entertainment, etc.), it's more vital than ever to find out what's important to your target group if you want to achieve that "top of mind awareness" that gets people to show up.

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