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April 22, 2010


Green Hosting

One way to go green that's not so obvious is with your web hosting. For all you bloggers and website owners out there, consider this: A single professional-grade web server running 24/7/365 (which most do) has the same carbon footprint as a 15-MPG SUV. By using green hosting for your site, you are essentially eliminating the impact of one SUV per year.

Heather Shelton

Brandon, totally a concern for all of us. Little steps will make a big difference in the long run.


I've been trying to get involved with the green movement slowly and it's working well for me. I just hope that I'm not more of the cause than the cure.


I am agree with Daniel . Save Nature is our Motto Obviously. Good Article Keep it up .


people really need to get more involved in the green movement. i just hope that everyone realizes this before its too late. i recycle everyday and have only energy efficient lighting in my house

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