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May 24, 2010


Mr Bearly

Great post. I love museums and art galleries. I have taken my daughter to them many times and we always have a great time.

I know very little about art but I enjoy making up stories about the paintings, sculptures and other works. There is always a story and just because I don't know the original doesn't stop me creating one. We always have a lot of fun but we also often, unfortunately annoy some of the patrons.

It's a shame when art galleries and museums think they are libraries.

Try it some time though, it's great fun and an excellent bonding exercise with your kids.


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Wow !! It is enjoyable to spend time with kids. Good Stuff .Keep it up.


Heather, your children are a gift from God then. Try taking my kids ANYWHERE for an hour, lol - they will crucify you before anything. There is a positive though out of all this - they are obsessed with anything science related and museums to them are as good as candy stores.

Scott Shoup

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