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October 28, 2010


Rakesh Narang

I wonder why are they focusing on building Space suits in which you can run. We haven't been able to land a man except on moon, what's the point in landing again and running on moon.

Mars hasn't experienced a man before and I feel these Astro-suits should concentrate making Astronauts suits more equipped for other Spatial adventures.

Becky Smith

This sounds like an interesting exhibit. I have always been amazed with space suits and how they work. I would love for earth to like the moon when I am walking up long hills or slopes.
I got a chance to see space related exhibits in Huntsville that were fantastic.
My mother-in-law lives in Hyde Park. This will definitely on the to-do list on my next visit.

Bill Higgins

I am eager to hear more about this exhibition, as I have a strong interest in the history of space suits. I'll head for the Museum of Science and Industry as soon as the exhibition opens in March.

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