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November 10, 2010



I agree the codetalkers should be remembered more than the fire fighters of 9/11.Codetalkers actually saved America.

Branson Traveler

It's great to see that so many cultures and people have not been forgotten. Great highlight of the Native Americans during trying times. All who have served deserve recognition.


James, I totally agree. They really deserve it. Still, it is great to see they receive what they deserve, that they're remembered and appreciated


Men who are willing to scarified their life to protect their country should deserve everyone's respect. They are the pride of the country.


An excellent post which provides a fitting tribute to the contributions and sacrifices made by Native American patriots during a difficult time in American history.

James Roguski

These men and their cultures deserve far more respect and study then they will ever receive. Thank you for adding to our ability to appreciate some of the complexities and contributions of the Native American peoples.

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